First Attempt at Designing a Film Noir Poster

This was my very first attempt at producing a poster for the Neo-Noir Genre. It is extremely basic and was made in a matter of minutes, but it gives a good basis already in learning in what is successful and what is not when producing a film poster. Firstly the most important aspect that the poster had to have (that I identified) was the fact it needed to use chiaroscuro lighting. This was in order to conform to the standard conventions of the genre. I also chose to use the New York skyline in order to use the idea that the film would be suburban just like other films of the genre (for example- Chinatown). The title ‘The End’ was mainly chosen on a whim due to the time constraints. However, there was some thought behind it. Many films will try to keep their title as short as possible with a word that links with the subplot for their film, for example, Brick.

Although there are still some issues with this basic poster. Firstly, the lack of a human character on the poster gives the audience very little idea what the film is about- or who stars in it. Furthermore the lack of a tagline, production company or release state prevents this poster from serving any purpose at all- but this issue was mainly due to the time constraints.

Despite these flaws, this was a worthwhile exercise in ascertaining what makes a successful poster- an important skill that is needed for the year ahead.


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