Film Noir Storyboard

This is my attempt at a storyboard for the noir genre. Unfortunately whilst I did colour it in, my scanner has made it black & white- perhaps fittingly for the classic noir style.

Whilst my drawing ability is quite poor. This is what I was trying to demonstrate…

This scene takes place during a classic noir film where the ‘femme fatale’ character convinces the ‘fall guy’ (male character) that they should kill the Fatale’s husband. Throughout the scene, I have used lots of close ups in order for the room to feel more claustrophobic (a trait of noir). The ‘Femme Fatale’ character is filmed from a distance in order to highlight her sexual manipulation of the other man. During the close-ups of her face high key lighting is used in order to make her skin seem pale and angelic. The design of this character herself is also typical because of her blonde hair and blue eyes- portraying her beauty. Whereas the rest of the room is lit via chiaroscuro lighting, giving hints of both brightness and darkness. In the background of the scene, there is a pair of Venetian blinds that casts this light into the room- another typical convention of the genre. It is also clear in my scene that the female character has successfully manipulated the male character to commit murder through her own sexuality.

Overall I think it is clear I am beginning to get a much clearer understanding of what is required when making a film noir. I have identified many key conventions and I can now apply these when making my own trailer later this year.


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