The Widow’s Web: Pitch

Here is the pitch for our film- The Widow’s Web.


Here is some feedback that we got on our initial pitch idea. After our discussion, we found that there were three issues with our audience about the film.

The first issue was a simple misunderstanding between ourselves and the audience about the intentions of our Femme Fatale- Rossette. The audience was not sure why she was in a relationship with Mark- who is an ex-detective. The simple reason is because she wants to get closer to Hans who is at the paper who is threatening to leak stories about the drug cartel. She had initially¬†met Mark at a nightclub but chose to stay with him when she found out he was going to work at The Text Graph. We do not believe that this is an issue with our plot, it’s more that we didn’t communicate it very well to the audience- something we will need to work on for the actual trailer. The audience also questioned how Mark does not find out the truth about Rossette’s occupation- but the simple truth is that he is blinded by his love for her and believes she can do no wrong.

The second issue was a minor one, the audience felt that the name of The Text Graph was not an appropriate one for a newspaper. This is a simple change to make and together as a group we can think of a new name.

The final issue was an even smaller one. We had mentioned in our pitch that Mark wears a trilby coat- when a trilby is actually a hat and what we meant was a trench coat. This was just a slight error in our understanding of noir and has now been corrected.


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