Props List

This is the props list that is required for the production of our film. Whilst it may appear quite basic, these props are vital in making our trailer appear to be as believable as possible.

In the nightclub scene, we will create a bar in which it can be filmed. In order for this to look convincing, we will build a shelf to go behind the barman of alcohol bottles. The actors will all be given their own glass and some of those who will be closer to the camera will have a fake cigarette that can be ordered online.

In the scene where Mark and Rosette are in bed together, we will simply need a glass of water for both of them and the phone for Mark to receive the text message from Hans on.

The other scene which requires a number of props is the job interview. Mr Harding will have a pen and clipboard where he is making notes on Mark’s performance and they will both have glasses of water as well.

Throughout the rest of the trailer, we will also use a fake/toy gun for when Rosette is about to kill Mark (although the audience does not know this). There is the shot of Mark driving in the car and there is another shot of the silhouette rifling through some papers in Mark’s house.

Now we have identified these props, we can start to accumulate/purchase them. This will mean that our trailer will be of a higher quality for the audience as well as more convincing.


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