Neo-Noir Trailer Analysis

Here is a brief analysis of the trailer of LA Confidential. The main takeaway from this trailer is the use of the Femme Fatale. Unfortunately this trailer has become quite dated and therefore would not be as effective for us as a group due to its use of a stereotypical voiceover. Although, this trailer has shown us that you need to have the appropriate lighting, costume and music for when you are shooting the Femme Fatale. This will in turn symbolise to the audience within the trailer what sort of a character she is going to be- i.e. a sexually promiscuous manipulative woman. Therefore when filming the scenes with Rosette, we will ensure that she clearly has these character traits.

I also conducted a separate analysis of the film ‘Pulp Fiction’. Despite also showing signs of its age- in the fact that it has a stereotypical voiceover, there are some elements that would be worthwhile to use in our trailer. Firstly, this trailer utilises the music to full effect. It incorporates the dialogue to interrupt the music and also uses a different track to embody a different tone or emotion. This has demonstrated to us that we need to ensure that our own tracks are carefully chosen in order to match the mood of the film. Furthermore, having looked into this trailer, we have also realised the importance of transitions in our film. In this trailer, they have used the gunshots to cut to the title of the film in order to give the name ‘Pulp Fiction’. This shows us that introducing the name of the film to the audience is actually one of the most important aspects of a trailer- so we will try to bear this in mind during our production.


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