Skills That I Need To Gain This Year

Throughout the production stage this year, I need to develop my skills in several areas; Photoshop, Premiere, the DSLR and After Effects. Whilst I used the first three of these last year for my practical- for A2 I will need to gain more advanced skills within these pieces of software.

For example…

Adobe Photoshop:


In Photoshop this year, I am going to need to be able to produce a film poster and magazine cover as part of my ancillary tasks. In these tasks I made be called upon to use the following image manipulation tools:

  • Lasso tool: Used for drawing freeform segments of a selection border
  • Quick selection tool: Allows you to select part of an image to perform transformations on it
  • Eyedropper tool: Allowing you to select the colour present on the image
  • Airbrushing: This alters and conceals facial features to make them look more ‘photogenic’
  • Content aware tool: This allows you to remove parts of a background using colours and objects that surround it
  • Spot healing brush tool: This is very similar to the content aware tool but can be used for more specific facial blemishes
  • Inverse selection:


Adobe Premiere:

We used Premiere to a fairly advanced level last year to produce an opening sequence for a horror film. We used the chroma key features and many standard clip manipulation tools. This year, to improve our understanding we may need to use the following tools:


  • Colour correction: Allows you to change the colour palette of a certain shot
  • Keyframing: Used to pinpoint a certain point of a shot to perform a manipulation of it
  • Distortion: May be used for a flashback shot
  • Warp Stabilisers: Used to stabilise any shaky shots
  • Advanced Transitions: Transitions that involve more than just moving from one shot to another

Adobe After Effects:


We did not use Adobe After Effects last year during our piece. This year, we may use this piece of software to produce the titles of our trailer using custom fonts and keyframes rather than static text made in Photoshop.

I will hopefully come back to these features at the end of my piece to see how many of these tools I used and what other new features I learned how to use. This will be to create the most professional media texts possible.


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