Film Poster Analysis

A short analysis of a film few posters ahead of producing our own poster for ‘The Widow’s Web’. This will help us conform to the typical expectations of a film poster regardless of the genre.

It is also important to consider what role a film poster has in the industry. Put simply, the purpose of a film poster is to advertise the film to a general audience. This could be on billboards, buses or in print media. Therefore, the poster must be appropriate to be viewed from both a close and far distance, large or small. Thus, the font and image of your poster should be clear to read on both mediums. If your poster is eye-catching enough and sells the main features of your film (be it a famous actor or director), then there is a good chance that an audience member will look up your film online and do some further research which may end up with them seeing it in a cinema.

So, when we come to produce our own poster, we must consider not only the ways that we should conform to the noir genre, but also to help our poster act as the best promotional tool possible.


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