Use of Hardware & Software in our Coursework

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 14.41.48

The video above outlines the hardware we used in the production stages of our trailer and ancillary tasks to help us create the most effective pieces possible.

Whilst I spoke about the software packages I used in the above video, I have also talked about the use of the DSLR in more depth in this post here. I have also made separate posts discussing how we used Photoshop within our media piece. The final element I should discuss is the most important piece of hardware- the laptop.


It may seem obvious, but the power that this piece of hardware gives you is almost unlimited. This allowed us to transport our work around anywhere as a group, rather than being chained to college equipment. We were able to access the full Adobe suite of professional software packages, as well as use it not only to complete this blog but conduct all the research and planning into the noir genre to complete the task given to us. This can also be used to keep in touch with other members of the group via Facebook Messenger’s browser client. This shows an understanding of Merrin’s need for students to live in a world with Media Studies 2.0 and Toffler’s Third Wave Theory that in 2017, we live in an information age. Thus showing how integral digital technology has been to the production of our piece.

Thus this shows how integral digital technology has been to the production of our piece.


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