The Widow’s Web: Final Draft

Above is the final draft of our trailer. Since the last version, we have tweaked the order of some of the titles and perfected some of the voiceovers that were too loud or too quiet. We also changed the colour paletteĀ of some of the brighter scenes to make them conform more to the visual style of noir.Lastly, we added a new voiceover over the shot of Hans’ feet that made more sense with the narrative of the shot.

Production has just about finished on our trailer now, besides any last minute changes. We will now look to moving on to evaluating our final piece.


The Widow’s Web: v4

Here is the latest version of our trailer. In this version we have done the following:

  • Filled in the gaps that were present at the end of the trailer
  • Tweaked the voiceovers
  • Attempted to change the order of shots to make the trailer feel less linear

This is now very close to the final version of our trailer. The only changes that we may look to make now are to change the ordering of the shots further to prevent the trailer looking like it has a linear narrative.

Above is the secret profile that was one of the shots that was included in the new version of the trailer. The bio at the end is made up, purely because this shot is only on screen for a few seconds and it is unlikely that an audience member will have time to take all of this in.

The Widow’s Web: Draft 3

Here is the latest draft of our trailer. Since the previous version, the following things have been changed:

  • Some of the shots at the beginning of the trailer have been refilmed to conform to the visual conventions of noir. This makes the trailer look more effective in terms of our brief
  • We have added some background noise to the scenes that have dubbed voiceovers. This was to make the scenes sound more natural within their given context
  • We shuffled around some of the shots in the trailer to make the narrative more fragmented
  • We changed the titles to have a darker background, once again in a move to conform the visual conventions of the genre
  • Increased the frequency of shots at the end of the trailer to reflect the pace of the music
  • Added some more shots in the block at the end to fill the gap that we had
  • Ensured no voiceovers clashed with the titles that were on screen

These are the things that we still intend to change:

  • Film some final shots to go in the remaining gaps we have
  • Tighten up the music transitions
  • Add some more background noise to the shots that still need it

We are now very near to completion for the final finished product which should be ready within the next week or so.

Obtaining New Feedback on V2

After having trialed our trailer with some new audiences, we have established that the following needs to change with our trailer.

  • The voiceover from Hans should not go over the titles as it is difficult for the audience to read and listen to something at the same time.
  • The shots of the bedroom scene still need to change
  • The titles do not fit the noir genre and should be made darker
  • Some of the shots (for example, the job interview and hacking the computer) do not follow the visual conventions of noir and should, therefore, be changed
  • The ending could be slightly faster paced still
  • The sequence from the bedroom to the car is too linear

We will now attempt to act on these suggestions to come close to producing a final version of our trailer.

The Widow’s Web: Version 2

Here is the second working version of our trailer. There have been some significant changes between the first version we made and this current version, with more changes still planned along the way.

We have added some additional shots after receiving feedback that footage was not of a high enough quality, or did not make the trailer appear like a noir film. We have changed the logo of Fibonacci Films to have a more professional look. The titles have been changed since the font that we used did not make it look like a professional noir film. We have now added voiceovers as some of the dialogue recorded previously had background noise in it. We have tidied up some of the music transitions to make them more seamless.

We still currently plan to change the following. We want to re-film the bedroom scene as the footage does not look like a noir film and is not of a high enough quality. The same can be said for the shot of the gun to Mark’s head at the end of the trailer. We also intend to fill in the gaps of the trailer with some new footage that is currently in the planning stages as well. Finally, as the voiceovers are now dubbed, we need to add some background noise to the scenes to stop them from looking unnatural.

Despite this, I believe this version of the trailer has made significant progress from last time. Most of the footage is now of a higher quality (containing more visual elements of noir), the dialogue is improved and so are the titles. Once we have made the changes that are described above, our trailer should be very near completion.